About me

Hello & Welcome to Surviving; Life, Cancer & Beyond

First off, I want you to know that my blog will feature raw images, raw information, raw stories. It is my life, it is my journey that I am opening up and sharing with you.

I’m Lindsay, a 30 year old (how the hell did this happen) mother of two red headed spitfires – Hailey & Hadley, married to my husband of nearly 8 years – Wade (nearly 11 years together), and fur mama to a few four legged critters – Dacia (German Shepherd Wolf), Theo (bluepoint Siamese cross), Oreo (once feral, long haired, big boned and fat black cat with a white stripe down his stomach)

I like to think I’m funny, you will likely think otherwise. We love camping, gardening, adventuring, sports, and I’m sure there’s other stuff we love……..Oh ya, parks. We love parks. Who can forget those?

I create all natural bath bombs, salt soaks, milk baths, and shower steamers. All the fun stuff to let you relax at the end of your day. So just be prepared, you may see some posts here about the products, or you may not…who knows?

Back to things we love – gardening. Both food & flowers, but I’ll be straight up honest, half if not all of our flowers die halfway through the growing season because well…I forget to water them, especially on the sweltering hot days that make my fragile, pale, pasty, sensitive, ginger trait skin burn and crisp up like cheese on the broil function of your oven. So ya…I love them but they often die…some years faster than others, but they’re pretty while they last. So expect to see gardening photos, or photos of dead plants…who knows?

All right, well thank you for joining me here. I love having you read my posts, and would love to hear your thoughts on my writing. Did something inspire you? Did you relate? Can you relate? Are you going through the same situation? Did your flowers die too? Maybe we can be friends! Zero expectations, but truthfully I love to hear from my readers, from the people I may be helping by sharing my life experiences.

Signing off,